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The Mark Dental Group Covid-19 Safety Plan

Protocols implemented to reduce risk of transmission


First Level Protection- Physical Distancing

We have limited the use of the waiting room by having patients text the office upon arrival and seating them right away upon entry.

Lunch room is limited to 2 people while maintaining 6’ distance between staff.  Occupancy limits are posted

Patients are asked to come alone to appointments when possible to reduce the number of people in the office

Waiting area is modified to allow physical distancing in reception area.  Staff meetings are held virtually


Second Level Protection- Barriers and Partitions

Barriers have been installed at the front desk and between operatories


Third Level Protection- Administrative Guidelines

Rules and guidelines have been implemented through staff training and signage

On top of our rigorous infection control policies already in place, staff are trained to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces between patients


Fourth Level Protection- PPE

Surgical masks, gowns and face shields

Staff have been fit tested for N95 masks

Laundry machines have been installed to wash surgical gowns

Staff have been trained in the use of masks and also in donning/doffing protective equipment Date: May 22, 2020


Cleaning and Hygiene Protocols

Hand washing stations are supplied with soap and alcohol based hand sanitizer.  They are visible and easily accessed

Staff are trained to wash their hands frequently as well as covering coughs and sneezes

Cleaning protocols for all common areas and surfaces are established with high frequency

Staff training is provided for application of cleaning products

Receptionists are responsible for cleaning common areas and high touch areas between patients

Operatories are sanitized fully between patients by clinical staff

Lab and sterilization areas are frequently sanitized by clinical staff

Patients are encouraged to use hand sanitizer


Workplace Policies

Policy is developed that staff are to stay home when sick.  Staff are screened upon entry to work each day with a questionnaire and temperature check

Lunch times are staggered to allow physical distancing

Ventilation system is measured and adjusted to increase the amount of outdoor air used

Policies ensure that workers, patients and others that show symptoms of Covid-19 are prohibited from entering the workplace

Visitors are prohibited or limited in the workplace

Patient appointments are staggered to allow physical distancing when entering and leaving

Patients are encourage to reschedule if they are sick

Floor is marked with stickers to indicate where patients should stand

Patient’s temperatures are taken upon arrival to ensure they do not have a fever.  They are asked to go home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms

Contactless methods of transactions are used for payments as much as possible

Staff meetings are held virtually

High quality air filtration including Hepa filters being used in hygiene rooms and other locations to minimize aerosols


Waiting Area

Unnecessary items such as magazines and toys have been removed

Patients are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to their appointments and asked to text or call upon arrival so we can minimize the use of the waiting room

Patients are asked to sign informed consent forms with regards to Covid-19 and asked health screening questions

Commonly touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected after contact between individuals


Staff Training

Staff are informed of the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and the signs and symptoms of the disease

Staff are trained on using, donning and doffing personal protective equipment.  Training Date: May 22, 2020 Staff present: Nancy, Sarah, Marina, Amy, Michelle Roberta and Bernie

N95 masks were fit tested for all clinical staff. Date: May 8, 2020 Instructor: Mike Winbow from Freebird Safety Services. Staff present: Dr McEachern, Dr Strukoff, Nancy, Sarah, Amy, Michelle, Marina, Roberta and Bernie

Staff are trained in changes made to work policies, practices and procedures due to Covid-19 pandemic. Zoom staff meeting date: May 25, 2020- all staff present

A safety director was appointed to take charge of screening staff at check in and address employees concerns regarding safety.  Safety Director: Jennifer McLaren

Staff are instructed to change into work clothes at work and back into regular clothes before leaving to go home

Staff training is provided for application of cleaning products

Excellence in a family oriented environment

Our goal is to create and maintain optimal oral health for our patients through excellent restorative and preventative care.  We spend considerable time and effort to individualize treatment plans for every patient’s needs and expectations.

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